Thursday, May 25, 2006

SIMPLE PLEASURES part 3: sunset boulevard

Looking down on the Thames from OXO tower
Drinking a mojito at sunset
Opening Panini world cup stickers with the enfants terribles

Listening to the Archers in bed and snoozing
Seeing my nephews
Finding my old books on creative thinking

Drawing at sunset with music (esp White Stripes)
Caff lunch at the Majestic (?)
The coloured bits of the Home Office buiilding

Reading about Gandhi with N
Talking about logos with Richard Norley
Listening to Flamenco Sketches

Buying a new LP and listening to it for the first time (The Raconteurs)
Rice pudding
Buying world cup stickers for N

An outdoor beer in Lambs Conduit Street
Traces of Dickens around London - Dombey St

Meeting Daisy Asquith and coming up with some ideas
Chatting with John Pearse about Joe Boyd
Visiting OneWord radio and talking about the best medium

Saturday morning caff breakfast in Crouch End
Saturday haircut in town routine with N
Walking down to the Phoenix for a movie (thrilller)

Wearing my John Pearse jacket
Seeing my step-sister Julia and her family over from Italy
Meeting Carol Jay, a 70 year old with spark

Hooking up with JJ Taylor and Dan Shaffer after 24 years
Sitting in the middle of Sloane Square in the drizzle
Puling off a good picture-led speech at Queen Elizabeth Conference Hall, Westminster.

Strolling through Fitzrovia
Yorkshire pudding
Reading about Big Brother in The Current Bun and related chat (with James)

Looking at the countryside out the train window
An old English country church
Being recognised by David Puttnam

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