Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tuesday's and Wednesday's Happiness Experiment entry

Wed 17th

Breakfast with Tim Lovejoy at Wolesley

BAFTA sesh with Anna Rafferty

Joan Baez singing House Carpenter (Festival Hall, with Jon & Manu)

Tues 16th - N's 18th, our 19th anniversary

Cocktails and dinner at The Wolesley en famille

N's smile (post-braces)

Having an adult son

Thursday's Happiness Experiment entry

Crit Room with Anna Rafferty at Dome Theatre, Brighton as part of Brighton Digital Festival and Let's Get Real (Culture 24)

Returning to the Beech Hill, Derry the week of our wedding anniversary

Watching the Scottish Independence Referendum most of the night and getting the Union Saved result

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry - Derry

Walking around the walls of Derry, sitting on them, speaking on them - and passing various costumed historical characters (Culture Day)

Jogging around Beech Hill among the WW2 history (Camp One Europe)

Dinner at Browns with 360 degree Productions

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Joan Baez

1 Angelina
2 Flora
3 it's all over now baby blue
4 Jerusalem
5 (house carpenter) the demon lover**
6 joe hill
7 corn bread*
8 house of the rising sun
9 diamonds and rust
10 Imagine
Swing Lo Sweet Chariot
Hills hell
Seven curses

Festival Hall
Jon, Manu

Starspot #366

Andrew Marr
The Wolesley

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's Happiness Experiment entry - birthday special

Jogging listening to David Crosby - bought 1971's If Only I could remember my name as my birthday present to me

A fresh blackberry as first food of the day

A clay pipe from Wexford from D

The new David Mitchell novel from U

Easy Rider and Dennis Hopper photos of the 60s from Ma

Shower with new gel from Burren

Watching first cut of Bez ep 2

Long chat with Steve Moore at Temple

Guided tour of Temple Church by vicar, discussing Magna Carta

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Interviewing Jamie Oliver in his office for When Sparks Fly

Finding loads of old music to download - listening to Michael Franks now

Lunch at 15 - a celebratory sausage

Star Spot #809

Russell Brand cycling along the Regent's Canal at Hackney

Creative Accounting #671 - Jude Law cast as Damon Albarn

Jude Law = Damon Albarn

(Jude top, Damon bottom, if the mike wasn't a giveaway)