Friday, October 28, 2016


A brown man walking past with his two young children in the grounds of a hospital. The boy is younger, the girl (in her bright pink puffer jacket) is about six. The man laughs as he walks past, explaining she had just read and asked about the sign back there. It says: Sexual Health Clinic.

Yesterday's HEE

Sneaking in to Christ Church Southgate to see the Burne-Jones windows - beautiful faces, exquisite textures

Reading in the church yard carpeted in yellow leaves

Cinema trip with D to Everyman Muswell Hill - laughing at my Dr Strange joke going back to the car

...and this was the worst day of my life

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This weekend's Happiness Experiment entries

Fri 21 Oct

Invitation & hug of friendship from Neville B

Glass of stout in Exmouth Market with Matt C

Jack Reacher popcorn movie with N & D

Sat 22 Oct

Autumn walk in Totteridge - godsky over the medical institute

Quiet of an empty cinema with U

Listening to book podcasts on my jog

Sun 23 Oct

Vanilla ice cream at Kenwood near yellow trees

Afternoon sleep in the sunshine falling across our bed

Reading The Circle in the garden with my water-rock first thing

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today's HEE

Bumping in to Bertrand M & coffee in Broadwick St

Calm dinner with N at Lebanese in Southgate

Thinking up The Glass Bowl at Hospital club

Yesterday's HEE

Touching the Christine Keeler chair (at V&A You Say You Want a Revolution exhibition)

D asking first question to Michael Fassbender (about variety of his roles) at The Light Between Oceans BAFTA screening

Parrots and various birds flying past round window

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recent Happiness Experiment Entries

Tues 11 Oct

Laughing at Jewish joke with N & Ma

Warmth of Max Gog

Gerald Laing (spontaneous visit to) exhibition at Fine Art Society

Wed 12 Oct

Yom K service at Clore Manor with Ma - lifting the scrolls

Walking & talking in orchard with N & D

Reading Jonah & commentary in memory of Dad

Thurs 13 Oct

Friendly chat with Tim Lovejoy in Camden French cafe

Working out film festival with Claire P at Stolle

Connecting with Ronen after all these years (met at 13 & 14)

Fri 14 Oct

Lunch with Scott & Katherine in Gt Marlborough St where people I knew kept walking by

Thinking up The Photo tv idea with Dave F

Friday night gathering at Clive & Jeanie's with Jonathan, Carl, Alexis, Jackie & Jack