Friday, July 29, 2016

Star spot #475

Malcolm Rivkind MP
Pimlico Station

Georgia O'Keeffe - Tate Modern

Music - pink & blue no.1 1918
Soft-edged organic abstracts - TRY IT

Stieglitz Equivalent 1925-30
Cloud photos with GOK shapes

GOK 1920
Face hands arm - artists equipment

Mask with Golden Apple 23
Abstract environment for still life
Lovely palette black Browns yellows

East River 3
Abstracting into blocks and planes

East River from 30th floor...
Smoothing details
Punctuated by vertical chimneys

John Marin
Downtown NY 23
Watercolour with charcoal TRY IT

big flowers as response to speed of modern life


Jimson Weed/ White flower 1

She rejected the erotic dimension - but it's undeniable

Craigie Aitchison
Black cross w stars & blue

Reminded of a skull painting I did - my first oil in marroon 

From the faraway, nearby 37
Still life superimposed on landscape

Deer horns 38
Bones as organic growing things

Frida Khalo

Red hills & bones 41
Still life w landscape 
Advance on From the faraway - reintegrated into ls

Impressionists - serial landscapes

Black place 4
Bomberg colours

Paul Nash

Wall with green door 53
Perfect combo of abstract & fig

Pelvis 1 44 *
Pelvis bone hole to create instant abstract

Ansel Adams
GOK & Orville Cox

Masculine looking increasingly

Untitled ghost ranch cliff
Pencil & charcoal
Focus on holes
Inherently sexual
gorge sketches look like Abram Games cliff print

Thunderstorm ghost ranch

A journey to abstraction from & through landscape 

Frames out sky often

Superimposition v Integration
Of bones etc.

Tanguy - shapes

Wall with Green Door *
Hockney - 70s LA buildings

cf Patti Smith, Frida Kahlo

GOK exhibition at Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham, Dublin

Georgia O’Keeffe: Nature and Abstraction

Nature and Abstraction is a survey of the extraordinary career of the legendary American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  The exhibition comprises some 30 works ranging from 1918 to 1977 and deals with the central concern of her work – the transformation of nature into abstraction. It includes examples of all her main areas of interest, landscape paintings, flower studies and abstract works. 
February-May 2007

Monday, July 25, 2016

Painting with Light - Tate Britain

1839 photography invented
Robert Adamson
David Octavius Hill

DH & Amelia Hill
Disruption Portrait 43-66

The Woodmans Daughter 1850-51
Tess of the D'Urbevilles
[ ] Send to Melvin

Holman Hunt - Nazareth 1855
Great idea capturing biblical views

Thomas Seddon - Jerusalem & valley of Jehoshaphat 1854/5
Captures life in the dry country

CH Clarke
Frank Dillon
Cf Leightons Arab Hall

Henry Wallis
Chatterton 56

James Robertson
The death of chatterton

Beata Beatrix 64-70

John Parsons
Jane Morris posed by Rossetti 65

J Dudley  Johnston  - valley of the Dragon 1909

Whistler - nocturne blue & gold old battersea bridge 72/5

Noc blue & silver cremorne lights

3 figs pink & grey *
Exquisite palette
Out of focus - vibration

Carnation ...
Fantastical colours & lighting

Theodore Roussel
Reading girl
Modern 20s look

Fred Holland Day
The vision 1907
Composite - poetic


Jane Morris strong beauty


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

YHEE Corsica

Pinarello & Capu di Fora

Adventurous walk around Capu di Fora headland with N & D culminating in a sunset swim

Backgammon under the lighted night trees at the local creperie

Early run, meditation under the trees & swim routine

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

YHEE Corsica

Pinarello & Porto Vecchio

Swimming in natural pool on Cavu

Reading Eric Ambler between snoozes on the terrace

Walking around the Old Town of Porto Vecchio with U

Monday, July 11, 2016

Recent Happiness Experiment entries - Corsica

Saturday 9th July Ajaccio-Portovecchio

Watching the sunset en famille from a high winding road above the Corsican coast north of Bonifaccio

Eating a long-awaited dinner overlooking the port in SomethingwithaPriano

Driving through the interior from Ajaccio via Bonifaccio to Pinarello

Sunday 20th July Pinarello

Spontaneous swim after a jog

Swim with Una to the buoy with the old boys

Hearing that Andy Murray won Wimbledon in straight sets from a fellow Brit tourist in the absence of wifi

Goodbye my friend

Woof Jnr & Gucci

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry

Last day at Channel 4

Lunch with the Features team at Quirinale including kir royale, affogato and vino santo - Clem, Gill, Helen & Sophie

Sun-drenched taxi ride home

Visit from Hanna, Mathilda and Erling with a trip down to the Table du Marche.

Monday, July 04, 2016