Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wednesday's Happiness Experiment entry

The trapeze woman rising and falling in the snow at Bianco, the circus show at The Roundhouse with Meabh, Rob and Noah

Rum'n'raisin from Marine Ices

Reading The Sun Also Rises on the terrace out back of Horseferry

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry

Chatting on the terrace out back of Horseferry with Katie Boyd (working on HealthFreaks)

Finishing the day's work in the back garden in the Spring sunshine

Attending the launch of Nesta's Creative Industries report and chatting with that circle of colleagues from Anthony L to David Puttnam to Richard from BFI

Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday's Happiness Experiment entry

Breaking out The Rug for the first time this year for a snooze in the sun

Extended jog past lower part of the cemetery

Dropping the Enfants Terribles at various North London places

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry

Green fallafel at Palestinian restaurant on Golborne Road with the Enfants Terribles

Meabh's birthday with Ciara, Kelsey and Rob at Trellick

Reading Mr Standfast in the garden on The Rug

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dexys - Soar 3

Soar show
Duke of Yorks, St Martins Lane
with Peter Curran

All of Soar
Youre Incapable of Love ***
John Joe **

1 don't stand me down
2 Geno (mex)
3 I Love You
4 (?Until I Believe In My Soul - Trombone)
5 Light Turns Green *
6 Fire

7 So Secure/bad habit
8 Tell Me What She's Like

1st Empire Shepherds Bush 2012
2nd Corn Exchange Cambridge 11/9/12
3rd this 15/4/13

Madeleine Hyland
No Mick Talbot
Dave Rough? - drums
Big Jim
Lucy Fiddle

1. Now 

 2. Lost 

 3. Me 

 4. She Got a Wiggle 

 5. You 

 6. I'm Thinking Of You 

 7. I'm Always Going To Love You 

 8. Incapable Of Love
 9. Nowhere Is Home 

 10. Free 

 11. It's OK John Joe
 12. Free (reprise) 

 13. The Waltz 

 14. Geno 

 15. I Love You (Listen To This) 

 16. Until I Believe In My Soul 

 17. 'Burning' skit part 1 

 18. Tell Me When My Light Turns Green 

 19. 'Burning' skit part 2 

 20. Until I Believe In My Soul (reprise) 

 21. Liars A To E 

 22. This Is What She's Like

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Property Scandal scandal - Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry

Drowning sorrows with George, Kirsty, Rebecca, Guy 9/11 and Charlotte including Carlton Tequila

The Great British Property Scandal talk at MIP TV well received with spontaneous applause after video

Seafoodfest at lunchtime with the The Great British Property Scandal crew

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cannes Do - Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Reading Waugh's Decline and Fall on the beach at Cannes in the Spring sunshine

Slow dinner by the sea in Juan Les Pins, with the spirit of Nat and Dora Gee

Night walk along the beach at Juan and round the jardin public

Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Chris Ashton's try in Sarries victory over Ulster at Twickenham

A warm reunion hug from Paul Gilpin on the streets of Twickenham

Taking N to Gaelic in Montrose Park in the first sun of Spring