Monday, June 12, 2017

Happiness Experiment entries - Sheffield

12/6/17 Mon

Reading 'After the Fall' on the train in 1st class

Helping interactive documentary makers at MeetMarket Sheffield DocFest

Watching one of the few good VR/360 programmes I have seen - about Rode, a Melbourne street artist

11/6/17 Sun

Discussion about You have no idea how much I love you with Amir Bar-Lev & Molly after the screening

Planning a doc with Yony L

Dinner at Piccolino with Andy, Alex, Alison & Charlotte plus encounter with Bill

10/6/17 Sat

Met Walter Murch

Annual dinner with Ritva at Piccolino

Breakfast with Daniel & DocCampus folk

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Helsinki - Happiness Experiment

2/6/17 Fri

Coast walk from Ritva's market building to main port market building in Friday evening sun ☀️ with N

Happiness & appreciation at end of Short & Sweet Programme 1 at YLE

Seeing classic American cars cruising near the port in the evening sun of 2nd day of Finnish summer

Dinner at the Green Vault in Kallio including lamb tartar

Wandering around Kallio in evening sun with N

Cafe chat with N outside Kallio cafe/hairdresser watching the world 🌎 go by

Trip out to Lonna island 🌴 in evening sun with N

Exquisite meal both outside & in including white fish

Watching participants near finished films including Long Live the Porn King and What is the essence of stand-up? (with my guard scene)

Walking through Helsinki with N round lake in evening

Reading Before the Fall on a plane ✈️

Sharing my hotel room with N