Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Star Spot No. 655

Emma Thompson
Hampstead Heath 12/3/17

Alex Brooker (The Last Leg)
Northern Line 9/3/17

Monday, February 06, 2017

Marble Arch cinema

Odeon Marble Arch (1963)

Disney Cinema
Robin Hood
Terry Thomas - I sssay sire

The Cure in Orange - Tim Pope
Hear My Song - Princess Di

Disney St Martins Lane

Ionic Golders Green

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happiness Experiment entries 27/12/16 - 3/1/17

Tues 27/12/16

1 Intimate chat with JRT (£0)
2 Country walk with U between Essendon & Newgate Street (£0)
3 Reading Tom Stoppard's Travesties in the garden with water-rock (£0)

1 D's pals round for his 17th (£80)
2 giving D some guitar music (£20)
3 walk to copses & Parliament Hill in the fog en famille (£0)

Thurs 29/12/16

1 Walk in Kenwood in the sunny fogginess (£0)
2 Reading Ali Smith’s ‘Autumn’ in the sunny winter garden (£0)
3 Re-broaching ‘Ulysses’ (£0)

Fri 30/12/16

1 woods walk & talk with Martin - Queens & Highgate Woods (£0)
2 finishing Reasons to Stay Alive (£4)
3 watching Humans 2.0 (£0)


1 Matthew’s friendship and compliments (£0)
2 Ian’s warmth (£0)
3 Reading by the Christmas tree (with music) (£0)

Sun 1/1/17 New Year’s Day 

1 Reading TS Eliot (Murder in the Cathedral & The Waste Land) and listening to his poetry read by Jeremy Irons on Radio 4 (Prufrock & The Waste Land) (£0)
2 Watching Agatha Christie mystery in front of fire with U & N (£0)
3 Cake with rose water made by Annie B (£0)


1 Supporting & being supported by PJE  (£0)
2 Visiting George Michael’s house and floral shrine  (£0)
3 Supporting JRT with Dave P - visiting him in Benedict Cumberbatch’s flat with top-floor cinema  (£0)


1 Reading The Affair outside in the freezing garden & by the Christmas tree
2 watching Titanic documentary
3 writing SQT proposal

I will enjoy my day

Creative Accounting #325

Lalaland / Birdman = soulless Hollywood crap X too clever for own good

Creative Accounting #324

Emma Stone (Lalaland) = Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday) - attractiveness

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Boxing Day Happiness Experiment entry

Paying an early morning visit to George Michael's childhood home in East Finchley eight hours after his sad passing was announced

Long walk from Clapton to Victoria Park, Hackney with N under an azure winter sky

Reading in the winter sunshine after my jog (water-rock on) - some Jack Reacher pulp fiction

Christmas Day Happiness Experiment entry

Nighttime tour through an empty London with D & N including Primrose Hill (with its red light punctuated view) & Waterloo Bridge

Cooking a turkey for the family which was just so

Placing some flowers (kindly given by the florist at the end of our road) with U on the memorial for Arlington (Rowton) House, Camden Town, as mentioned by Patrick Kavanagh (a favourite of Bronagh) in 'The Green Fool' - home of many a solitary, lost Irishman