Sunday, June 26, 2016

Creative Accounting #399

Sing Street = School of Rock + The Commitments + Me Earl & The Dying Girl (or Son of Rambo)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Creative Accounting #398

Lisa O'Neill = PJ Harvey + Kate Bush

Imagining Ireland - Friday 29 April 2016 Festival Hall

Imagining Ireland is a musical conversation between Ireland and England, through the songs of the last hundred years.
marked the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Michael D. Higgins, the Irish president, sat in the royal box
The artists were:
  • Paul Brady “Nothing But The Same Old Story” 
  • Martin Carthy Nothing Rhymed; “Row In The Town”
  • Cathal Coughlan “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, “Pack of Lies”
  • Barry Douglas
  • Martin Hayes (fiddle) and Dennis Cahill (guitar)
  • Andy Irvine “James Connolly”
  • James Vincent McMorrow
  • Lisa O’NeillEngland Has My Man; Foggy Dew
  • Cait O’Riordan Pogues numbers -  Dark Streets of London
  • Kevin Rowland and Sean Read of Dexys Curragh of Kildare; My National Pride; “Carrickfergus”
  • Camille O’Sullivan
  • instrumental passages from classical pianist Barry Douglas
The evening ended with Dominic Behan’s stomping story of Irish construction workers, McAlpine’s Fusiliers & Foggy Dew

They were joined by a house band directed by 
  • Kate St John
  • featuring Roger Eno (piano)
  • Calum MacColl and Neill MacColl - Tunnel Tigers
  • Van drummer
The evening was hosted by writer and broadcaster John Kelly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Starspot #855

Jeremy Hunt - St Pancras

He should have got strung up for his Sky deceitfulness

Star Spot #488

quick chat with Leo Green - saxophonist - with Adie Dunbar (Frith St, Soho)

chat with Harvey Goldsmith at NNN

Last Weekend's Happiness Experiment entries

Saturday 18th June

Dinner with N in Winchester at The Chesil Rectory

Evening walk along the river in Winchester with N

Deep talk with N in wake of his perspective shift

Sunday 19th June

The Goodfather Father's Day card from D

Playing backgammon in Somerset House courtyard with D & N

Going to Holloway Odeon with D to watch The Nice Guys

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Graves Gallery, Sheffield

Burne-Jones - The Hours 1870-82
Colour schema

Head of JYM - Auerbach 73
Sculptural face

The white rose
William Strang 19
Art Deco

Kirk de Montparnasse
Van dongen c1909
Big eyed boldness

Jeune Paysanne bretonne
Roderic O'Connor
Stripes cf B Riley

Telephone engineer 2
Prunella clough
Vorticist like - flat

Entrance to harbour
Pointillist Signac

Looking twds Mornington Cres night
Auerbach 73
Extraordinary night palette -sodium orange, dk green, maroon

Green & Marroon movt
Terry Frost c52
Loose painterly abstract

Landscape in Belsize Pk
Keith Vaughan
Abstract figurative balance

Derbyshire walls
Harry epworth Allen
Smooth (surreal) Nash

March landscape
P Nash
Unique colour palette
Underlying chalky white

Sam Taylor Wood
SP suspended 7

Bridget Riley
Rise 1

Late morning 1

Bridget Riley
Venice & Beyond exhibition

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Starspot #209

Boris Johnson

Upper St, Islington
walking by talking intensely on his phone
while Alfie & I were talking intensely over a pint

Thursday, May 26, 2016


26/5/16 jogging listening to Soul Music on The Fairytale of New York
with the line mentioning: "The Rare Old Mountain Dew"

reading Thomas Chatterton Williams 'Losing My Cool'
in which the crackers are drinking Mountain Dew = soft drink = illicit alcohol = poitin

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The C4 Years

"You've been a highly valued member of this team and have achieved some superhuman things in your time here. I know you will go on to impact the world in interesting ways. On a personal note, I am extremely grateful for your wisdom and support particularly  during the early years when we were trying to change the culture. You have been a great ambassador for the channel."


“During this time he has made a huge contribution to the success and creative profile of Channel 4 online. His commissions include seminal multiplatform projects such as Embarrassing Bodies, Big Fish Fight and Don’t Stop the Music to the first wave of Original All 4 Shorts including Tattoo Twists, Drones in Forbidden Zones and The Black Lesbian Handbook. I’ll miss him and wish him all the very best.”

Nico Macdonald You've been the channel to Channel 4 for people interested in media and innovation. Your generosity of time, ideas and resources has been much appreciated. New channels to be dug!

Rupert Raby Wow best of luck Adam. It was back in 2005 when you got me on board to help with Famelab! You gave me the chance to work on loads of great projects many of which were multi platform pioneers so thanks for the opportunities and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Denise Turner It was always a pleasure to work with you on projects and to reiterate what others have said above, thanks for having faith in us.

Annabel McLeod Wow Adam! You've been such an inspiring person to work with. I really admire how much you're always changing the world using digital. 

Ioana Mischie Dear Adam, Thank you for everything. Working for 4oD was my first experience of working in the UK and it wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t someone like you to have faith and complete trust in the project and to be so enthusiastic about encouraging young voices worldwide. You are one of the best professionals I know and I feel each country should have its own Adam Gee in order to constantly spot new talents, create fresh and innovative cinematic concepts. I am honored and grateful I had the chance to learn from the best. Good luck in everything, I have my whole faith in what you’re up to!

Tommy Hutchinson Very best Adam. You were always very generous in using the great channel 4 brand to help others. I'm one of many who greatly appreciated your guidance and support.

Christopher Thorpe Congrats and looking forward to seeing what's next. An amazing body of work there Adam

Gareth Langley You've been a great visionary for the past 13 years Adam, and have a wonderful portfolio of work behind you that would make anyone proud. 

Andy Barratt I've bloody loved working with you Adam, I'm gutted. You have my sincere gratitude for all your support and best wishes for the next step on your journey - one which I hope will see us team up again. 

Keeley Louise I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for wherever you pop up; at the top, no doubt. Best of luck and thank you Adam for being so truly inspiring. Visionary is the right word. You valued my opinion from day one as if we were equals and were so much fun to work with. They won't know what they had 'til it's gone Xxx

Tom de Grunwald Good luck Adam, what you've done there has been amazing, and I'm really glad to have got to work and generally enthuse together recently. Looking forward to your next steps mister.

Mark Downie Adam, you've done amazing, inspiring work - but I'm sure there's loads more yet to come. Thanks for being so brilliant to work with. Here's to the next chapter!

Paul Canty You've done great things during times of amazing change. Well done, and looking forward to seeing what's next.

Mark Earls Congrats and Bon voyage. You've done amazing things there. Sure you've got loads more to come! M

Carlton Reeve That's big news, Adam! Massive loss for C4. The very best of luck with your next adventure - I know it'll be amazing

Rukhsana Mosam Thanks for all the support Adam, it's been fun!!!!! See you soon x
Lori Faye Adam, it was amazing working our project with you. So creative! 
Umut Gunduz Thanks for all the fish! X (love the work we did together)
Ronan McCloskey Thank you for the opportunity to work with you Adam
Ally Branley Good luck Adam, I always loved getting involved in one of your new projects. I think you became a genre.
Matt Locke Fantastic! You put in a very good shift, and did so much ground-breaking work. Time to break ground elsewhere now! Congratulations!
Zam Baring Good luck with whatever comes next - I hope it'll be as visionary as the last 13 years!
Serena Lloyd-Smith C4 have lost a creative genius but no doubt whatever you touch next will turn into gold too. And let's not forget you and the team winning award after award year after year! That was by far my favourite team to be a part of and I feel touched to have been a part of it at its prime.
Annika Small Wow...end of an era. So excited to see what next. You are forever one to watch...and learn from. 

Stephen Hardingham Congratulations on your outstanding career at 4 Adam. You broke the mould in so many ways and exuded passion , intelligence and great humanity along the way. Respect.

Rich Payne Big news! Good luck with whatever's next - it's been a complete pleasure.
Dan Jones It's been an absolute pleasure, good luck for the next adventure
Nick Lockey Best of luck! If the next chapter is even half as good as the Channel 4 years it's going to be awesome
Henry Warren Massive news. Very best to you Adam. Many congrats all you achieved at c4.
Niall Keogh But you ARE Chanel 4!
Charlie Phillips wow, I can't imagine the place without you! You're a c4 legend
Jonathan Fraser A huge loss for them, good luck
Helen Newton C4 will be a duller and more pedestrian place without you x
Morgan Clark It's been a pleasure Adam. C4 are losing a real visionary
MT Rainey We'll miss you for sure, Adam. Considered a career as architecture critic?
Steve Manthorp Good luck. Spread the vision wider! 
Steve Moore What comments! All merited. That was one hell of an innings. 

JL: I just wanted to say many thanks for all your support over the years. When I think about it - from Osama Bin Everywhere to DSTM you have always been there during some of my biggest highs and lowest lows but always supportive and on my side. I very much appreciate it. Big respect.

JH: Thank you for doing the successful part of Don't Stop the Music! And for everything else.

Caroline Diehl What a great impact you've had. Hope you are super-proud. 
Serena Lloyd-Smith Out of the many years I was at C4, I spent some of the best moments working with and for these two creative geniuses. I owe a lot of what I know and what I will become to them and that (award-winning) team
Justin Gorman You are brilliant amazing thinkers and creators. Very excited for you. You will be amazing. (I know cause I've worked with you).

Readers' comments

  • Both brilliant people who'll walk into other jobs

Mark Limb End of an era! Glad I had the chance to work with you in the hey day!
Robert Page you've always been an inspiration.
Deborah Meyer DeWan You have been (and are) an inspiration across the pond for years!
Sian Elizabeth Creative Geenius fly on ... All T Best from Mancunia .. Xxx
Stephen Collins Foolish C4...All the best in greener pastures!
Susan Ferreira You rock Mr Adam Gee you have always been at the forefront of this multiplatform stuff and I am so excited to see what's next!
Oli Barrett There was always something incredibly inspiring and comforting knowing that Channel 4 had someone as brilliant as you working away inside. I am a huge admirer of your work and treasure our conversations. Long may they continue.
Phillip Hodson All bureaucracies resent the talent because the latter take risks and may rock their boat. But minus the talent there is no new business. Watch them worry. Don't imagine anything except how you decided to take your success elsewhere.
Safiya Ahmed Adam you were my first smile emoticon So many shared conversations and words of wisdom I took from our time.
Gerry Smith Adam You did some great stuff. Enjoyed working with you. at Ch4 on our creative project. Did a lot for diversity in the sector.
Sarah Asante Hear, hear!

HW: Adam I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing content you've brought to life over your 13 years. To my mind you set the gold standard for what public service broadcasting should be. I have always admired your work hugely.
Channel 4 will be significantly poorer for your absence, so will the millions of its viewers/consumers.

HJ: You have been an immense champion of C4’s remit and values over the years and delivered many incredible projects that my team and I have often championed to others - so thank you for all you have done to help preserve C4’s reputation amongst the great and the good.

Nick Underhill: Thanks for all the Fish Fighting Adam! Always a pleasure working with you
SJ: I've always been so blown away by your stellar work 
MR: thank your for your support and tolerance!
PD: I am very sorry that you are leaving 4

so many great projects over the years with you, as a colleague and then as a producer. Excited to see what comes next!

Congrats to & as they leave C4. The work they did there was epic & truly groundbreaking