Saturday, November 29, 2014

Star Spot #412

Fenella Fielding (Carry On Screaming) - Mayfair Hotel 29/11/14

Horst - V&A 29.xi.14

Protege of Hoyningen-Huene
Bauhaus under Gropius
"The only real male elegance was English"
Lee Miller

Dali (1943)
Mainbocher Corset 39 ***
A torturous item of clothing
Original & Touched-up
Original better as clothing more artificial


Lisa Fonssageives 39 *
Nude behind veil Louis 14th style
Hand only thing in front of veil plus slit of raw reality down right

Hats by Best Lord Taylor 43 *
Red White Blue triangle
3 women reading papers

Dress by Sally Victor - Muriel Maxwell * 39
Red and white lipstick and sunglasses

Thursday, November 20, 2014


East Finchley Library Users Group's first campaign meeting in Martin school - Polly & I have been campaigning for the library for 10 years now

Meditation in the garden before work

Robert Elms Show - piece on the birth of The Who

Monday, November 03, 2014

Van Morrison opening Nell's Jazz & Blues Club, London W14

Van & 7 players
With Neil T
Front row, 5 feet from the Man

1 Celtic Swing
2 Long Long Long Gone?
3 the new Symphony sid

4 Someone like you
5 Magic Time **
6 Turn Away = who can I turn to

7 veedon fleece song? = In The Midnight
8 Rough God - actor impressions
9 Mose Allison

10 Bo Diddley You don't love me *
11 Baby please Dont Go
12 sometimes we cry

13 John Lee Hooker
14 Streets of Arklow
15 John Lee Hooker Boogie Chillin *

16 brown eyed girl
17 whenever god shines his light
18 Moondance *

19 Somerset (Acker Bilk)
20 Lonely Avenue ***

1h 51m

:Celtic Swing
:Lost John
:The New Symphony Sid
:Someone Like You
:Magic Time
:Who Can I Turn To?
:In The Midnight
:Rough God Goes Riding
:If You Only Knew
:I Can Tell
:Baby Please Don't Go >
Parchman Farm >
Don't Start Crying Now
:Sometimes We Cry
:Think Twice Before You Go
:Streets of Arklow
:Boogie Chillen
:Whenever God Shines His Light
:Brown Eyed Girl
:Moondance >
My Funny Valentine
:Help Me > Stormy Monday >
Night Time Is The Right Time >

Lonely Avenue >
Mansion On The Hill >
Mean Old World

Van Morrison : vocals, saxes, harmonicas, maracas
The Van Morrison Band :
Dave Keary : guitar;
Dana Masters : vocals;
Paul Moran : keyboards, MA;
Paul Moore : electric and double bass;
Bobby Ruggiero: drums, MC;
Alistair White : trombone, tuba;
Chris White : saxophones, flute.

Celtic Swing
Lost John
Symphony Sid
Someone Like You
Magic Time (Dedicated by Van to Mary Bell)
Who Can I Turn To
In the Midnight
Rough God Goes Riding
If You Only Knew
I Can Tel (You Don't Love Me)
Baby Please Don't Go/Parchment Farm/Don't Start Cryin' Now
Sometimes We Cry
Think Twice Before You Go
Streets of Arklow
Boogie Chillin
Whenever God Shines His Light
Brown Eyed Girl
Moondance/Funny Valentine
Somerset (Acker Bilk tribute)
Help Me/Stormy Monday/Lonely Ave/Stormy Monday