Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lisa Hannigan - Bush Hall 19/7/11

A Sail
Paper House
Ocean and a Rock **
Venn Diagram
O Sleep (with John Smith)
Little Bird
Nowhere to go *** (hill, house - could be Home)
Dunno *
Sea Song
What I'll Do
Safe Travels Don't Die
Personal Jebus

[see original Set List in blue folder]

John Smith - supporting and accompanying
with Una

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Neil Diamond at The Millennium Dome 9/7/11

1 Soolimon
2 Shiloh
3 Cherry O Baby
Aint no sunshine
4 I'm a Believer
5 You don't bring me flowers
6 Holy holy
7 Sweet Caroline
8 I am I said
9 Cracklin' Rosie
10 America
11 Travelling Salvation Show
12 Released

With Ma and Mo

Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Playing Top 3s with N & D at Cafe Rouge, Highgate with The Black Book (all since ripped off by Claudia Winkelman's King Of)

Lunch at Maurizio's with N - artichoke me, Milano salami him - the usual

Collecting D from Euston after his longest time away from home to date

Sunday, July 03, 2011