Sunday, April 07, 2019

Story Snippet

I find myself sitting next to Sissel on the six-hour train journey from Trondheim to Oslo. She is an elegant elderly lady with a wicked laugh. She is a native of Trondheim who used to be the projectionist at the Cinemateket where I delivered my lecture on Thursday. She is on her way to Oslo airport to head for Berlin, her first visit there since 1977. The last time she went she tried to call David Bowie and Iggy Pop. She found the phone number of their flat under James Osterberg in the phone book. She rang but a woman answered and said they were out.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Norway - April 2019

Wednesday 3rd April 

  • Abram Games blue plaque unveiling, The Vale, London NW11
  • LHR-Oslo-Trondheim

Thursday 4th April

  • Dromedar cafe
  • Delivered lecture at Cinemateket
  • Workshop at Isak cultural centre
  • Walk with Line - cathedral, Bakklandet (old working class quarter)
  • Cinemateket - Brief Encounter
  • Svartlamoen with Line - hippy area & great bar (Lars & Kay & Kristin)

Friday 5th April

  • Breakfast at Scandia hotel
  • Walk through Bakklandet & back lanes
  • Workshop at Isak cultural centre
  • Podcast recording with Audun
  • Walk to shore of Trondheim Fjord
  • Walk back to Bakklandet for dinner (Folk & Fe)
  • Sunset by river app. cathedral