Thursday, May 24, 2018

Recent Happenings Experiment entries

23/5/18 Wed

Contemplating Gaudi's beautiful La Pedrera during my morning flanage

Morning coffee on a leafy sidestreet reading Sick Puppy

Sight of the Scandinavian palette above Copenhagen

24/5/18 Thurs

Energetic Digital Mindset workshop at YLE

Sitting in the dappled shade of a tree after work at Pasila

Watching Netflix downloads on the plane - The Crown

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment

Vichy Catalan in a cafe in a Barcelona Square (reading Sick Puppy)

Midnight wander in Gothic Quarter

Dinner with Arnau and various docheads

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Happiness experiment entries


Sailing the Eastern Baltic in front of Helsinki with Vali, Miko & Ritva (eating white fish & mussels) at sundown

Delivering a Crossplatform session at YLE

Remembering the grey MTB my dad used to sail on Whitestone Pond for me


Eating liver at the Gran Marina, Helsinki

Reading Sick Puppy across the bed

Arriving in Helsinki again - a place I'm really getting to know

Sunday, May 20, 2018


population 5.5M
75% covered by trees
188,000 lakes
5.2% speak Swedish
7% of land agricultural
1917 became independent
1995 joined EU
200 MPs

Yesterday's Happiness Experiment entry

Watching the royal wedding of Harry & Meghan with U

Meditating in the bower path in lower St Pancras & Islington cemetery

Reading about Preraphaelites in garden with D & U - summer sunshine Saturday afternoon

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Waterboys - Watford Coliseum

Out of All This Blue

Medicine Bowl
1 All She Is **
2 A Girl Like Johnny *
3 Nashville Tennessee

4 Man What a Woman
5 Bang the Drum ** Scott & Wyckham
6 Long Strange Golden Road - Kerouac On The Road recording intro

Santa Fe
If The Answer is Yeah
Morning Came too soon

Nearest thing to Hip

1 Mike Scott
2 Steve Wyckham
3 Brother Paul* - organ
4 Professor Rob - drums
5. Aengus from Dublin - bass
6 Dublin backing singer f
7 Nigerian/German ditto