Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Much fine gold

With the weather so rubbish at the moment it's hard to find things to cheer me up. However here is my list from yesterday..
1. Intellectual Challenge - I went to a conference about Web 2.0 for NGOs yesterday at the RSA and it was great to spend a day out of the office just thinking and discussing with other people instead of chasing emails and missing meetings. Time spent just expanding my brain is like gold dust.
2. My necklace from Tunisia - I wore it yesterday. I had it made to my direction in the Medina in Tunis when I was there about a fortnight ago and every time I wear it it reminds me of the guys in the shop and the whole afternoon I spent there just going through the jewellery and silver, like your grandma's old costume jewellery collection.
3. A memory of my grandpa -He always asked for "much fine gold" for his birthday or Christmas. He was a miserable old bugger.


ArkAngel said...

So did you give him much fine gold? or socks?

Lectio said...