Sunday, May 28, 2006

Catch up

Friday 24th
1. Green and Black's Dark Chocolate bar
2. Being able to have my first drink of the year outside
3. Mangosteen in Canton Street off Carnaby Street - an excellent Pad Thai

Saturday 25th
1. I had lunch with my friends from University. The food was superb. King Prawns with chilli and shallots. And of course the wine was very fine too.
2. Having a conversation about books. It is a long time since I have had a serious conversation about books but with 5 English graduates around one table it's not surprising. for your information we were reading the following:
Foucaults Pendulum by Umberto Eco; Coalescent by Stephen Baxter; Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and waiting eagerly for the next David Mitchell.
3. A soft bed.

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arkangel said...

So you're a David Mitchell fan - I recently read 'Cloud Atlas' and was blown away (like a happy, fluffy cloud). Just picked up his new one on holiday - about growing up in the south of England(?) - really looking forward to it. Have you read it?