Saturday, May 13, 2006

SIMPLE PLEASURES part 3 - Music in the air

The array of colours of blossom in our streets
A bagpiper at EF tube
Reading comic books on my bed (not much change there then)

What this indicates:
1 Nature and her cycles 2 Live music and street surprises 3 Escape to the imaginary worlds through litereature/art

Snoozing in the garden
Wearing well-made (John Pearse) clothes
Shooting hoops with the enfants terribles

What this indicates:
1 Nature and rest 2 Craft 3 Playing with children

Life drawing in the evening
Working on Sky Orchestra with Mike S
Watching animations and talking to the makers

What this indicates:
1 art and creativity 2 creative collaboration 3 film and interacting with creatives

Sitting and walking by the Thames
Thinking about ideas and creative thinking
Exploring unfamiliar parts of London

What this indicates:
1 involves rivers and moving water 2 creativity 3 London and urban environments

Reading outdoors
Chatting over a picnic in the park (with Benedict Phillips)
John Martyn performing live

What this indicates:
1 reading combined with fresh air 2 artist combined with fresh air 3 MUSIC

Listening to live version of Atlantic City
Chatting to the fella from Disorder outdoors over lunch
The anticipation of watching All in the Game by Tony Grounds

What this indicates:
1 Music 2 art chat 3 cultural event

Starting a new book (Rat Pack Confidential)
Listening to Kind of Blue (the best record of all time)
Judging school students' work for the Lost Generation competition

What this indicates:
1 reading 2 music for peace 3 promise in children

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