Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Raw Cuts

This evening did a speech at the Electric Cinema, Portobello, at the launch of Raw Cuts, a series of short films on the theme of Vulnerability, a collaboration between Channel 4's IDEASFACTORY and the NSPCC.

Followed the advice of my friend who worked on Gordon Brown's speech last week at the Labour Party conference in Manchester - used personal stories to get across my points. In this case I recalled my encounter with the Hardest Man in the World at the exit of Camden Town tube on the way to see The Clash at the Electric Ballroom - I used it to reflect on the combination of fear and exhiliration one feels as a 15 year old.

Had a chat with Nick Holt, star of About a Boy and The Weather Man, as well as lead in the forthcoming, brilliant Skins - an E4 drama series set among the young hip folk of Bristol. Made a bit of a faux pas, guessing he was playing the hapless Sid whereas he was actually the ubercool Tony. Nick is a generous supporter of NSPCC.

Hooked up with my old friend John Grounds, Director of Communications for NSPCC and fellow lover of reggae 45s. When he came off the stage after his speech another fella seemlessly took to it to speak about the dangers of drugs, his long history of smack and coke abuse, and hid time inside. Only thing was no-one knew who he was. It took a while for the general realisation to kick in that he was not in fact on the programme for the screenings. Still, nothing like a bit of spontaneity and openess to spice things up.

Meeting some of the parents of the Raw Cuts winners on my way out, they were really delighted by the opportunity and outcomes, it really makes all the work around IDEASFACTORY worthwhile. As the Big Man said, freedom is to be found in service.

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