Monday, October 23, 2006

Portraits - Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Tarting up my My Space and connecting to a few select folk like Rockabilly Camilla

Listening to Adie Dunbar and the Jonahs' Two Brothers, especially When Will I Love You (And the child inside keeps on yearning, yearning, yearning)

Haircut afternoons with a son or two - picnic on steps of Grand Lodge, Covent Garden; buying comics and stuff in Forbidden Planet; coffee for me, crisps for them; a plectrum for D (in Denmark Street), a book for me (from Fopp, although the loving look was in the window of Foyles); performers around Covent Garden, wandering around Soho; autumn sunlight down Shaftesbury Avenue...

Laughing at the table with N+D

David Hockney's portraits, esp the one of his mum and dad

JRT's QC do at the National Portrait Gallery - catching up with blasts from the past - memories of Saturday morning routines: Space Invaders, Foyles, Forbidden Planet, NPG

Being suited and booted

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