Saturday, October 14, 2006


Was at Wall to Wall Productions in Kentish Town earlier today to meet Lucy Carter (producer of Who Do You Think You Are?), Colleen Flight (producer of the forthcoming Empire's Children) and Alex Graham (MD/Exec Producer).

Just watched Who Do You Think You Are featuring Nigella Lawson (Lucy gave me the DVD), a thoroughly entertaining programme with a core of real emotion. I found myself with tears in my eyes during a sequence about the liberation of Belsen. Nigella's grand-father had signed up within about two weeks of the invasion of Poland as a catering manager in the army due to his background running the Lyons tea shop empire. It looks like he may well have been at Belsen, the first camp liberated by the British, to advise of bringing in food to the starving survivors.

Back on the light side, I've never really watched Nigella on tv before (not really one for cookery shows) - she's got a very attractive screen personality, detached yet warm and intellectually engaged, and very much typifies the kind of woman that pumps my nads and which said nads are genetically programmed to respond to. Lucky for Charles Saachi I've a beautiful wife of my own.

Her trip to Amsterdam reminds me of my family's own connection with the city. My grandfather Ian's family came to England from Amsterdam (likewise it was the last stop before England for Nigella) and I'm delighted and proud to have that fabulous city as part of my history.

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