Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Les Sanglots Longues des Violins - Happiness Experiment entries

Seeing the round window in place - our renewed home emerging

Hearing about N holding his own against black belts

A quiet moment in Cyprus Avenue - memories of Pop with the next generation waiting patiently in the car

A late afternoon autumn walk through Highgate and around Waterlow Park - looking for conkers, that perfect burnished brown

Seeing Tommy Boy again after weeks - a very special cat with a mysterious past

Watching Walking the Line - esp the scene when Johnny Cash plays Folson Prison Blues to Sam Phillips in the Sun studios - then singing along in the car (I shot a man in Reno)

Taking N + D to experience Fritz Lang's Metropolis accompanied by a full cinema orchestra (Babelsburg Film Orcestra of Brandenburg, the last such orchestra in Western Europe) - envisaging from 1926 a future including video phones (just got my first one exactly 80 years later) and city fly-overs, all within an elegant Art Deco framework

An early evening supper with N + D in Highgate village

Running an extra 3 minutes at 11 mph - extra energy through exercise

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