Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Period of Transition

Ok, bit of a rethink - ignore the last post. I'm starting this phase of my blog without a PC at hand (i'll have to cut&paste later) but I'm really in the mood after reading Andrew Motion's article about writing a biography of his mother in today's [9/9/06] Guardian.

So a quick review of my blogging to date...

In the beginning there was Simple Pleasures . This was my first attempt - inspired by the Ian Dury song 'Reasons to be Cheerful part 3' and a sermon I heard. It aims to spotlight some of the Simple Pleasures that I feel makes life worth living.

Here's the introduction which explains:

"This blog is inspired by a sermon I heard a couple of years ago which quoted a 'will' left by a father for his children which was not his 'money will' but his 'wisdom will' (I can't remember the exact terminology that was used but you get the idea) - it was his attempt to pass on some of the more useful things he'd learnt in his lifetime about what really matters and about the way people are. I've come to the conclusion over my forty-one years so far on the planet that Happiness is to be found primarily in the Simple Pleasures of life so I've decided to put some of those pleasures here for Noah and Dylan to read when they're a bit older and anyone else who cares to. And one day soon Noah and Dylan can start adding their own..."

I'm not entirely convinced by the Blogigo technology hence me arriving here.

Then came Simple Pleasures part 2 - my mobile photo blog which I really do enjoy. The pictures capture aspects of my day-to-day life well and the text does much the same as Simple Pleasures (but linked to images).

And on to here - Simple Pleasures part 3 - which contains my Happiness Experiment. Here's the intro which explains it:

"Today I'm starting an experiment prompted by an idea I heard on the radio this morning. The suggestion (from Carol Craig, sister of Una's friend Marion) is to go to sleep at night thinking of three things that made you happy during the day. I'm going to start off doing it for a month..."

Now the experiment is officially over it's time to start a new direction. (That said, I found the experiment so positive that I'm going to continue doing it among my activity here.)

So the direction now is to use Simple Pleasures part 3 for regular, short posts on a range of topics related to my work, interests and daily life, as well as as a hub for my other web presences including all the Simple Pleasures plus Flickr and my not entirely finished Be Do Be site.

So (as my first ever book said) Here We Go...

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