Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Music Lesson

The last day of my 42nd year. On my way home from the hebraically named Boughton Aluph in Kent I stopped by an old crossroads sign and spotted the name Faversham. It reminded me of my old friend Chris Cawte [an excellent guitarist and musician, he did the music for all my films from 93 onwards and is Jimmy Page in Let's Zep among other achievements] and I made up my mind to pull by his place in another Kent Boughton - Boughton Under Blean aka The Street. So the word on the Street was good to see you again - Chris met my boys for the first time and I met his - Tom and Adam. They are both in a band called Fortystore - the former a tall Dylanesque character (writer, vocalist and guitar), the latter a gentle son of his mother. I listened to their demo disk on the way home and was particularly struck by the track Home , very assured vocals with an imaginative arrangement. We sat out back of their 400 year house and chewed the fat on a perfect Indian summer afternoon. D got a first fabulous guitar lesson from Chris and he strummed away happily (electric and acoustic) - I hope with all my heart he takes it up as I feel deep down he has a real gift. What Chris said was bang on - what's important is a curiosity and genuine interest in the instrument, from that flows the technique and competence. Please God one day he plays In My Time of Dying like the one and only Chris Gutter Brother.