Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things That Are No More #3: The Word magazine free podcast

So I was out for a run round the St Pancras and Islington cemetery this morning, listening to The Word podcast as is my wont (I was introduced to it a few years ago by Steve Moore and hold it in as great affection as he does). Nile Rodgers was the special guest and just after he explained how having his guitar retuned by his mother's latest boyfriend was a revelation to him and launched him into a frenzy of Beatles playing there was a bong and the podcast was cut off in its prime - a voice explained that now only magazine subscribers get the full Monty. I understand why David Hepworth and pals feel they need to do that but somehow sad nonetheless. The sad way of the world... [cf #1: the generosity of Shadbolt's]

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