Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things That Are No More #1: Veneer of the Week

Veneer of the Week on the front of Shadbolt's factory, formerly one of the few highlights on the North Circular

Can still be found on their website but that's no substitute

This week it is: Crown Cut American Black Walnut - now that would lift any journey on the NSR

Here's a good observation from the DHM blog:
"But the sign felt generous, like Shadbolts were decent and cared about their product, and when companies make a bit of extra effort like that, it’s always repaid in good will."

And here's a remark which accords with my memories - the exotic dimension - from the Bite blog:
"Some veneers carried the mystery of far-off places: Crown Cut Lebanon Cedar. (Others less so: Curly Birch.) "

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