Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Recent Happiness Experiment entries from the Old Country

Fri 2 April - Jerusalem

Visiting the Kotel with N and D (memories of my father)

Catching glimpses of the Easter action in the Old City around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

An evening walk passing the abandoned old Jerusalem railway station (near the German Colony) - redolent of a heroic age

Sat 3 - Jerusalem to Bet Chananya

A blazing afternoon in the zoo - especially taken with the tamarins and other monkeys

Visiting Oskar Schindler's grave on my own, first visitor of the day to the Catholic Cemetery

Spotting the remains of a War of Independence convoy on the Jerusalem road at sunset (and a sign to the Burma Road) - memories of my dad (1976)

Sun 4 - Jaffa

Meeting Sandgold & Dafna in Jaffa - my first web-initiated real-life encounter

Touring the street art of Jaffa, above all the Rehov Auerbach derelict house

Jogging along the aqueduct in Bet Chananya - spotting parrots and poppies

Mon 5 - Caesarea & Petach Tikva

Paddling with D at the sea palace in Caesarea

Meeting my cousins Asaf and Guy for the first time, my older cousins Jaffa and Moshe after 15 years, and Ronen, Itzik and families after 34 years (my first trip to the Old Country with my dad)

Playing chariots with D in the hippodrome at Caesarea

Tues 6 - Or Akeva & Akko

A boat ride at dusk to give a view of Acre's walled old city across a dark wine coloured sea

Meeting up with Harold H, an old friend of Ma's, by chance 4 km down the road in Or Akiva

Lunch under the trees at the hummous stall in Bet Chananya, including lemon and mint drink

Wed 7 - Tel Aviv

Reading under a palm tree in a quiet court of the beautifully architected Ben Gurion airport

Playing basketball one-on-one with D in Bet Chananya

A display of Independence Day posters on the big slope at Ben Gurion

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