Saturday, April 03, 2010

Recent Happiness Experiment entries from the Old Country

Tues 30 March - Bet Chananya to Negev (via Mishpa? Ramon to moshav Faran)

Lunch in the Ramon Crater beside rocks coloured with iron, culminating in desert tea

Off-road driving in Ohad's Range Rover

Bedouin tea in an open-sided tent at sundown

Wed 31 - Negev desert (Faran to M. Ramon) - Jerusalem

Spotting gazelles sweeping majestically along the dry river bed

Driving Li'am's desert buggy with U by my side

The perfect blue sky above a white desert canyon - colour of the flag

Thurs 1 - Jerusalem

Walking a section of Via Dolorosa

One of the waitresses (straight out of Delacroix -or is it Ingres?) in the restaurant over-looking the Old City at the Cinematheque

Reading Saul Belllow's To Jerusalem and Back

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