Friday, December 01, 2006

Happiness Experiments in the news #2

Further to the posting 'Happiness Experiments in the news' below here are a couple of lovely messages I received this week:

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, ACC
Goal-Setting & Performance Coach
The focus of the article in 'Happiness Experiments in the news' posting

"Love your blog! Yes, this happiness exercise is getting around if you know the research, so I’m thrilled it’s catching on all over the world!

Good luck with your continuing entries – very inspiring!

And this one from Carol Craig, inspirer of this blog/the Happiness Experiment:

"I had a read and found your blog very useful. We'll put a link to it from
somewhere on our site. Have you had a look at our Positive Psychology
Resources? Tons of material. Navigation is not great at the moment
and is about to be improved greatly. You can access it from the
Centre's home page Glad you found my comments useful.
Best wishes

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