Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cranking Up to Christmas - Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Watching D as an angel in his nativity play - he was so delighted to have us both in his audience, beaming

Chatting to U at dinner

Listening to Michael Franti on the way to the Channel 4 Christmas party at Camden Lock - the songs from Yell Fire he performed last week at Shepherds Shite Bush Shite Empire

Chatting to D on the phone - one of our first really substantial phone chats (during which he [age 6] used the word "laminate")

Moderating the Street Style site - a couple of gems in there among the club blah

Chatting to Rob Bevan and his Mrs (Philippa Watson) at Illumina's Christmas do - on the 10th anniversary of our MindGym collaboration

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