Sunday, November 20, 2016

Estonian Happiness Experiment entries

Thurs 17 Nov
Lon - Helsinki - Tallinn

late lunch alone in a candlelit restaurant (art nouveau style) with Amos Oz & Louis Armstrong

working in the flow on my Tallinn keynote on the plane to Helsinki

initial wander into Tallinn old town, serenaded by a heavy metal guitarist, freezing despite his long hair

Fri 18

Delivered keynote address to mark 90th anniversary of broadcasting in Estonia in Tallinn University (on stage where Umberto Eco spoke) in front of Chairman of ERR, Head of Baltic Film School & 250 others

Evening walking tour of upper old town with Juri, an Estonian TV personality - enjoying the atmospheric lighting

My 1st Thanksgiving Dinner at the house of the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy where I met DCMs & other diplomatic types from Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Georgia, Austria & others

Sat 19

Ran workshop at Baltic Film Media Arts & Communication School with Alessandro

Siesta to Kind of Blue

Vegging out with Grand Tour ep 1 in hotel room

Sun 20
Tallinn - Helsinki - Lon

Inspired to resume writing When Sparks Fly 2 in wake of workshop - wrote almost 2,000 words on journey home

Reading Judas by Amos

Listening to Natural Mystic

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