Friday, May 06, 2016

Recent Happiness Experiment entries

FRI 6th May

A parting hug with Mike with the promise of reunion in September

Sitting next to an Air Canada airline pilot on the flight home from Toronto

Watching Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall (in How to Marry a Millionaire)


Reading Skinny Dip in the sun in Philosopher's Walk, University of Toronto approached by a colourful sparrow

Chatting to the owner of She Said Boom! record store in Roncy where I bought D Jane's Addiction on his recommendation

Dinner with Mike Victoria & Francesca listening to the Quint monologue from Jaws in Canadian French


Showing Tattooed at Short Form Video panel at University of Toronto/HotDocs

Mexican al fresco in Kensington Market

Breakfast with Matt from Marble at Easy Over

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