Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Artist & Empire (Tate Britain)

Benjamin West - death of Gen Wolfe 1779
Injun with tats

The spiritual form of Nelson 1805-9
Unique palette
Cf Indian circular paintings

Henry oNeill
Eastward ho
Photograph-like cropping
Original composition - corner triangles

Home again 1859
Original spiral composition

Allan Stewart
To the memory of brave men (shangani) 1897
A presence out in the forest

George Joy
Death of Gen Gordon
Half-half composition
Upward power view but with upper figure smaller/vulnerable

Thomas Barker
The secret of England's greatness
Dramatic lighting
Beautiful black skin

Kainaiwa artist
War bonnet
Eagle feathers
Belonged to Buchan
From Shot-on-both-Sides chief
See Karsh photo from NPG Scot
Memory Hold the Door autobiog

Hew Locke
Edward Colston & Edmund Burke from Restoration 2006
Photos plus mixed media eg trade beads
Solution to Rhodes debate

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