Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A Love Supreme

recorded 9 Dec 1964 - Feb 65 released
New Jersey
  • Elvin Jones
  • Jimmy Garrison
  • McCoy Tyner
the vocal chant "A Love Supreme", sung by Coltrane (accompanying himself via overdubs)
An alternative version of "Acknowledgement" was recorded the next day on December 10. This version, which included tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp and bassist Art Davis, did not feature Coltrane chanting "a love supreme" 
The only live performance of the "Love Supreme" suite was on July 26, 1965 at the Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, France

Played at Gaumont State, Kilburn - Coltrane played there in 1961

1964-04-27, 1964-06-01 recorded Crescent  (1964)

1965-02-18, 1965-05-17 recorded The John Coltrane Quartet Plays  live (1965)

1965-05-26, 1965-06-10 recorded Transition (1970)
1965-06-10, 1965-06-16, 1965-10-14 recorded Kulu Sé Mama (1967)


recorded New York City on March 2 and April 22, 1959 ("All Blues" and "Flamenco Sketches") - released on August 17, 1959

Davis had only given the band sketches of scales and melody lines on which to improvise -  Once the musicians were assembled, Davis gave brief instructions for each piece
many scholars and fans believe that Bill Evans wrote part or the whole of "Blue in Green" and "Flamenco Sketches"
Producer Quincy Jones, one of Davis' longtime friends, wrote: "That [Kind of Blue] will always be my music, man. I play Kind of Blue every day—it's my orange juice."
Evans and Chambers played on the sessions for The Blues and the Abstract Truth by Oliver Nelson in 1961

MilestonesRecorded: April 2, 1958 – April 3, 1958
1958 MilesRecorded: May 26, 1958
Someday my princeRecorded: March 7, 1961 – March 21, 1961


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