Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looking at the View

Tate Britian

Philip Wilson Steer - The Bridge (1887/8)
Cf Munch - fence and water and figures
Scandinavian/Norh Sea palette

John Nash - The Cornfield 1918
Abstraction of landscape

John Brett 1831-1902
The British Channel seen from the Dorsetshire cliffs 1871
Amamzingly fresh and modern looking
Luminous pointillism
Cf his Florence from Bellosguardo - Preraphaelite luminescence, Holman Hunt

Tristam Hillier 1905-83
La Route des Alpes 1937
Neue Sachlichkeit + De Chirico
Bold use of red (pylon)

Paul Graham
Roundabout, Anderstown, Belfast 1984
Full of telling detail in all planes

Union Jack flag in tree, Co. Tyrone
Powerful use of colour and composition (centred on tiny flag)

Richard Long
The Crossing Place of Road and River...
Fabulous minimalism

Graham Sutherland
Welsh Landscape with roads 1936
Cf miro, ernst, chirico

Patrick Caulfield
After Lunch 75
Brilliant use of photographic for impact

Henry Lamb
Lytton Strachey 14
Brown palette
Languid pose

Julian Opie
Radio Wind Tyres 2000
Cf Caulfield

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