Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sunshine following me (Cannes and Paphos) - Recent Happiness Experiment entries

Sunday 1st April:
Being loomed over by Miss World (formerly Miss Venezuela)

Picking up the Non-Fiction International Digital Emmy with the Live from the Clinic team

Drawing the scene from the space between the Musee Picasso, Antibes and the palm sunday church with the spirit of Joie de Vivre (1946) which is the jewel in the crown of the former

Monday 2nd:
Breakfast on the terrace of the Carlton, near the Dog Bar which typifies its Englishness

A flood of lovely messages via Facebook about the Emmy win

Securing some JC space for mothernachus

Tuesday 3rd:
Lively family chat over breakfast in the airport on the way to Cyprus - topics included burning issues of the day like Blazing Saddles

Arriving in Cyprus for the first time - shades of the Old Country

Enjoying the quiet of a lawn by the sea, out back of the hotel, very tranquil

Wed 4th:
Finishing a book worthy of the Shelf of Honour: Nemesis by Philip Roth, moving, tragic and insightful I masterful

A chilled out dinner by the harbour in Pathos en famille en plein air involving tahini and other Mediterranean fare

First sea swim of the year with D - including finding two Euro coins N needed for his collection in the shallows

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