Friday, February 18, 2011

Fragments of The Story

Adam Curtis:
The giant sandpit they're playing in has got a framework.

Television has become tired and rigid, and reached a dead end.

Karl James - story listener:
I try to get to people before their experience becomes a story.

(Our story becomes a pattern)
(Sometimes the story isn't where we expected it to be)
There are different ways of being articulate.

Not everyone's used to being listened to.

Phil Gyford:
1 Set the Tone (annotations not comments)
2 Listen
3 Have an obscure topic
[ ] The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Nick Ryan/Paul Bennun:
[ ] Papa Sangre

Relationship between meditation and story

Lucy Kimbell:
[ ] Mydex

Graham Linehan:
Computer games aren't productive, that's like a trance state.

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