Sunday, January 09, 2011

Recent entries for the Happiness Experiment - Love London

Saturday 8/1:

Seeing the Godfathers of Groove at the Jazz Cafe for John Grounds' annual jazz birthday outing

Buying an old copy of Robert Lowell poetry from Black Gull which belonged to Ivo Jarosy of the Academy Cinema, Oxford St

A late night catch up with my old school friends Jon, Paul and Dave and spouses on the way home

Sunday 9/11:

Looking at the Thames barrier in low winter afternoon sunshine with N on a trip to Woolwich via the East End

Wandering around Brick Lane with N

Discovering a track on an LP late at night when its time came - Robert Plant's Fortune Teller on Raising Sand


Douglas Miller said...

Check out the original 'Fortune Teller' A northern soul classic.

ArkAngel said...

Scuse my ignorance - who's it by - Benny Spellman?

ArkAngel said...

The Vibrations and Tony Jackson?

So many covers out there - from the Stones to the Who via Merseybeats and Hollies

Douglas Miller said...

Benny Spellman. Not sure that RP really did anything with it. Did you rate 'Raising Sand'? I thought 'not bad' the first time I heard it and i've listened to it a few times since and I'm not sure it's as good as publicised. I think its success was a relief vote from the dad rockers. Old rocker releases half decent album. Cue overreaction. However, his newest is an absolute shocker.

ArkAngel said...

I *really* like his take on it - great pace and arrangement. 'Raising Sand' is a slow burner for me but getting into it now. Thanks for warning on the new one, was thinking about it.

Douglas Miller said...

The opposite for me. Got weaker with repeat plays. But I think our listening is drifting in opposite directions so you may like the new one! Ignore me and buy it. I'm listening to German minimalist electronica at the moment! So much great stuff around so little time to hear it all...