Friday, January 05, 2007

International Man of Leisure - Today's Happiness Experiment entry

Getting a mention on Robert Elms' show on BBC London Radio (it will always be GLR to me) with regard to Muddy Waters and the late great James Brown - with the enfants terribles listening in the car

Coming across our old neighbours Reg and Eddie Wagland in The White Van on the Holloway Road

A fine all day outting with N + D ranging from finding my lovely blue scarf against the odds to hanging out at the British Museum to pulling by Bernard's for that magic touch


Douglas Miller said...

I missed your Elms. I have been an Elms regular for a number of years although he can grate when he starts putting on cockney geezer accents. But can I one-up you with a list of prizes I have won on the show over the years:

2 tickets to see Gil Scot-Heron
2 albums by Donny Hathaway
A Pat Metheney album
A Ben Christophers album
A book on the history of Cuban boxing

I know there are some things missing

Hardly anyone bothers to enter them and I just seemed to win. (the Hathaway albums are great by the way - especially Extensions of a Man)

ArkAngel said...

I've only won two such things in my life, both from Time Out:
* the Time Out Book of New York (very useful)
* a haircut (useful enough at the time)

Douglas Miller said...

I meant to add a James Brown story. When asked for his views on racial discrimination he said:

'I'm neither black or white. I'm a tax payer'

ArkAngel said...

The man had a way with words (and grunts, cries and other vocals)

Douglas Miller said...

of course the best thing would be to do a blog consisting of things you would like to win:

a guest appearance in aforementioned Lavazza coffee advert

a guest appearance in the jungle dinner scene from Apocalypse Now (Director's Cut only)

a year's supply of free whim-based itunes downloads

stage pass for Santana doing 'Soul Sacrifice', Ritchie Havens and Sly and FS at Woodstock

fly on the wall when the Thatcher cabinet came in and told her one-by-one to go in 1990

free tickets for the Major Currie moment (for comedy)

Tickets for the Borg-McEnroe tie-break

I am on to something here...

ArkAngel said...

a seat in the control room at the recording of Kind of Blue

Neil Armstrong's moon boots

a leisurely chat with Gandhi